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Airconditioner Maintenance

Why do you need to service your air conditioners regularly?

City Wide Pte Ltd is a one-stop place for the servicing of your air-conditioning systems. Be it a multi-split, window, cassette or duct systems, air conditioning systems provide us with the clean, fresh and cool air. In humid Singapore, living with an air conditioner is nowadays very common.


These are the 3 main reasons why you need to service your air conditioning system regularly:

  • A clean system = An energy efficient system (5%-20%) = Savings in $.
  • A clean system = Clean and healthy air quality.
  • A clean system = Increase life-span of your air conditioners.

Do you want to expose your family members to potentially harmful respiratory disease?

It is recommended that persons with asthma or other respiratory problems regularly clean and service their air conditioning equipment. A clean indoor air will reduce the likelihood of an asthma attack.


Our general cleaning includes the following:

  • Cleaning of evaporator coil
  • Cleaning of condenser coil
  • Cleaning of condensate drain pan
  • Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
  • Cleaning of blower wheel and component
  • Checking of all electrical component
  • Checking of all settings
  • Lubricate of all moving parts
  • Checking of refrigerant system
  • Top up of refrigeration gas

Top Tips:

  • Ensure that the removable filters are cleaned once a month or when dust has accumulated. Use a warm water and mild detergent.
  • Set the temperature of the air-conditioner at 25 degrees.
  • Set a timer at night to save energy and money.

Brands We Support

Normal Maintenance Best Value

frm $4500


frm $9500


frm $13500

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Energy Ratings

The Energy label are issued by Natioanl Environmental Agency (NEA) to certify the power consumption by the model the label is displayed on.

The more ticks an appliance has indicate a more energy efficient model and in turn will have a lower annual energy consumption.

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