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i Clean Maintenance

What is I Clean?

Our extensive experience in the aircon maintenance industry has led us to develop a new maintenance program. I Clean pronounced as "i clean" was exclusively developed as an air conditioning maintenance program to cater to various customers' needs in Singapore.


The I Wash Package is a revolutionary new way to clean your airconditioning. Using the power of water and biodegradable alkaline cleaning agent to get rid of all the dust and dirt accumulation, this cleaning promise clean airconditioning and healthy air ! I Clean You Enjoy: That's our promise to you.


Customers can choose different type of maintenance program based on their usage. For example, a customer who uses air conditioning every day for more than 8 hours require an i wash package. Another customer who uses air conditioning once a month can pick an i General maintenance program. If you are unsure which is more appropriate feel free to drop us a mail and our customer service officers will recommend a suitable maintenance.


These are the main reasons why you need to service your air conditioning system regularly with i Clean:

  • I Wash Package = Bi-Annual maintenance instead of Quarterly (depends on usage).
  • I Clean = Save Money $$: Less Maintenance.
  • I Clean = Less disruption to your daily life.
  • A clean system = An energy efficient system (5%-20%) = Savings in $.
  • A clean system = Clean and healthy air quality.
  • A clean system = Increase life-span of your air conditioners.
  • I Clean = Self Contained System = No Dirty Water = No Mess.
  • I Clean You Enjoy.

i Wash Best Value

frm $4500

i Chemical

frm $9500

i Overhaul

frm $13500

Booked your appointment online at your own convenience. Our customer officer will call to confirm your appointment on the next business day.